Political quagmire

In the summer of 2017, the political situation in the UK is a disaster. The Government is led by a clique who appear talentless and self-interested. The fact that Jeremy Corbyn has done so well in the latest election demonstrates the lack of talent on both sides of the house. JC had a massive mandate from the party twice, but with the greatest respect he is a peace and civil rights activist not a natural Prime Minister.

Public opinion is easily swayed these days, no-one cares about politics and you end up disillusioned and unable to influence anything. How Government Ministers can change school history syllabuses or dictate nursing practice is beyond me. The type of people that get elected are skilled at public relations only.

I believe there is a Constitutional problem. With two hung Parliaments out of three the time for proportional representation has come. I suggest that there should be 500 constituency MP’s and the rest should be on party lists. These would be the people in Government or opposition.

I believe the time has come when these people should have a more diverse education. Speaking at the Oxford Union has always been a good path for the politician, but we need diversity in our leaders, including in experience. People who control our Armed Forces should know strategy, military capability and threats. They should know about economics and any other departments that they have control over.

There must be Constitutional limits set, no more political football with health and education. Leave the NHS alone, it is a God given right of the British people gained from defeating fascism. Free at the point of delivery, make it work in that context by having people who have a clue about health in the first place. Education is the silver bullet and allow people to think for themselves. Educate potential ministers and limit their powers constitutionally.

There needs to be a body that oversees the proper working of democracy that holds MP’s to account.

Scotland is a separate country, always has been, always will be. There will inevitably be another independence vote. Please can we sit down and prepare a package including plans for the Monarchy, NHS, funding, reparations, armed forces and the nuclear issue before we blunder into another referendum.

When there is so much doubt and little clarity, we are the mercy of the liars and manipulators. When was the last time we had a statesperson in this country. I believe there has been potential in the recent decades, but the system has mitigated against that. Can we not identify talented politicians and train them for excellence.

Westminster is supposed to be the cradle of Democracy, I shudder to think what it is now. We need leaders not bleeders. This country needs radical change and God knows the people deserve it.

Conway-Laird (2017)


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