Fascism not dead

Fascism not dead

They escaped from beaches. They were the last defence in the skies over southern England. They were bombed out of their homes. They were sunk in the freezing Atlantic. They were blown out of the German sky. They ran up beaches. They jumped out of planes. They defeated fascism against the odds and the people voted en-masse to create the National Health Service as a reward. Beveridge, Bevan and Atlee led the country to try to defeat disease in a home for heroes. The Tories always opposed it, even Winston Churchill refused to support it, but in the end they had to. Until Margaret Thatcher that is. Now there is a more subtle type of fascism using lies and manipulation, methods that are almost impossible to detect. It is emotional warfare designed to maximise power and money in the hands of a small percentage of the population at the expense of the rest.

The current Conservative Government appears to be running down the NHS. It is a long-held dream that the “socialist” system be destroyed. With the help of the right-wing press creating outrageous scare stories it could come to pass. Allegedly, a Government Minister said that Nurses cause unnecessary deaths. In my experience lack of Nurses causes unnecessary deaths. How many deaths have been caused by the Tories reorganisations, bureaucracy, interference in health matters and generally running the NHS into the ground?

The types who run the Government, are elitists who consider themselves superior because they are rich and privileged. They feel the need to destroy the NHS, as it is socialist, and as their friends cannot make money from it, until now. They don’t care that the NHS works despite their best attempts to destroy it. They don’t care that we pay half the percentage of GDP than the USA on health. They certainly don’t care that it is fair or that it works better in terms of health outcomes. But then they don’t use it. But there are many rich people who are generous. A public-school child could choose the path of maximising profit or charity or both. I am sure if a well-off person would far prefer charity than tax. They have control and can decide on the amount of giving, rather than it being taken off them by the Inland Revenue.

Some people call this neo-liberal politics, which has become less about free market economics and more about corruption, monopoly and theft. They don’t even pay tax and send their money out of the country. The lack of mixing and truth in society perpetuates the divisive nature of England.

England what have you become. Since your finest hour you slipped to a very bad place. There have always been those who have displayed rapacious self-interest in England, but it has usually been countered by defenders of the people and human rights. They were the biggest slavers, who became the biggest anti-slavers. They were the biggest empire, who sacrificed itself to beat fascism and dismantled the empire in an ordered way. More recently they were the biggest financial supporter of Apartheid, but were also its biggest opponent.

Hitler’s flaw was that he was too obvious. When it became apparent what a tyrant he was, people had to stand up to him. Churchill saw the danger early. They beat fascism in 6 punishing years. Unfortunately, it may have crept back under the cover of secrecy.

So, when they have sucked England dry and sent our money to Gibraltar and the Cayman Islands, I expect there will be nothing left of England but a dry husk. These people won’t be here as they have no loyalty or honour. England, what has become of you, is there anything left of your fighting spirit that wishes to stand up to these tyrants. Is there anything left worth fighting for? Being mesmerised by reality TV and social media does not amount to life.

There is so much more to life than money. There are spiritual and emotional values, the arts, personal achievement, love, truth and justice. England was once a powerhouse, not only industrially and militarily, but morally and in practical philosophy. Not only have the Neo-Liberals taken our money, our lives and our country, they have taken away the means to fight them.

There have always been many great Conservatives. Pitt, Pitt, Peel, Palmerstone, Disraeli and many others in more recent times where states-people were less able to flourish, there were those like Major, Heseltine and Clarke. Even Thatcher had a lot of talent and her initial ideas had a lot of validity.

“Only a miracle can save England”, was how I ended this piece originally. Well, if that does occur, then it is usually at the hands of someone committed to the country to the soles of their feet.

England, we beg you, choose your better angels. For many hundreds of years everything has started in these islands. This world is dying and you need to lead. Lead as a United Kingdom.

Conway-Laird (2017)

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