Practical Christianity

A simple code for Christian living would be based on firstly learning the basics. Then applying them in one’s own life through reading the Bible and praying. This is best done in private with no distractions, preferably on a regular basis.

To read the Bible, pick an individual book and learn its context. Find out who the writer was, what type of book is it, who he was writing it to, why is was written, what the culture was and the issues current at the time. Read the book from the beginning to end, a chapter at a time and reflect on its meaning. If you put the message into context and find out what the writer was saying to the reader, you can then reapply those underlying principles to yourself and your culture.

If you read the whole Bible you can get a view of the relationship between God and the human race through different individuals and cultures.

You can pray out loud, or in the privacy of your own thoughts. When you pray simply say what is on your mind, there is no need to over complicate things. Pray for forgiveness for yourselves and forgive others. Praise and thank God. Pray to be filled with Holy Spirit that teaches, heals and empowers us on a daily basis. Pray for the fruits of the Holy Spirit which are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility and self-control. Pray for wisdom and faith and if you are in a struggle, pray for the armour of God as described in Ephesians 6.

Pray for others, pray for personal, relationship, local and world issues. You only need to mention them, there is no need to offer God a solution. After all as a Christian, he is the boss and you do as he requires. Have to say though he has an excellent management technique, he has been doing it a long time I guess, and has seen it all before.

Conway-Laird (2017)

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