You gotta fight, for your right, to party

Capitalists, when they studied economics, would say that their main principle was to maximise profit. So I suppose they have a whole lot of fun number crunching. I guess they can spend their money on social events where they demonstrate their success to their rivals in some sort of meeting of beasts who ally for mutual benefit or show off their success in money and power by their false smiles and attempt to say I have a better party than you. A capitalist party is one where you aspire to prove yourself better than the rest. Get the biggest profit share, the biggest house, the biggest yacht, the hottest partner, yatta yatta. Whatever floats your boat, I suppose. I tell you what; you can’t take it with you though.

I watched the film Titanic once. I saw no need to see it again. The Winslett character was sitting uncomfortably with the plutocrats in the restaurant while they outdid each other by any means necessary. Di Caprio took her to third class and she danced the night away with the Irish who were having a session. Personally I don’t know why you would even bother comparing. For me the session is the only way.

I worked with a nurse from Kenya once. I tried to impress him with my knowledge of his country and demonstrate national remorse for colonial guilt. It did not work, but I do not take the blame for that anyway because I could never support the British Empire under any circumstances. Anyway he told me in the 19th Century, his forebears would get up have something to eat, have sex and go to sleep. Then the Europeans came and imposed 700 years of progress on them.

This website is a struggle to find an alternative to money and self. Initially I was thinking about spiritual issues of balance, agape and truth. Then I thought about philosophical principles and community and personal development and all sorts of stuff. I suppose the left want to fight for social justice. But the ultimate battle for me is to maximise PARTY. Party for all, party every weekend and party by all means necessary. The role of politics only becomes the means to perfect parties.

For me there are two things; Party and politics. Politics is the means to maximise the party experience. These are some of the policies. What if the Pharmaceutical companies could eradicate HIV/AIDS? Do you think they would? They would lose some money on the drugs they sell, some parts of the world don’t care about homosexuals and few rich people care about Africans. But the thing is, if you beat HIV, you may be able to beat all viruses. The main problem with dealing with HIV is the fact that is always replicating. The logical way to defeat it is by defeating all viruses. If they could, would they?

The Chief Execs have said that profit is what they are interested in, not healing or saving lives. What if they could cure cancer? Do you think they would? There would be massive loss of profit. Every so often a cancer drug comes out that keeps people alive for six months with terminal cancer. These drugs get priced at £1000 a day. Do we really need this? Why prolong the pain? Is terminal cancer any sort of life worth living? OK, it’s a conspiracy theory, but why do we trust companies that put profit before people in this regard.

In party terms, eradicating HIV is revolutionary. For God’s sake, I remember the 70’s, the hope, the freedom and the sheer joy of life generated by the Gay inspired disco movement. It was halted by AIDS and some say it was God’s judgement. Rubbish! The God I believe in doesn’t operate in that way. The enemy’s greatest achievement was to convince people that he did not exist. I won’t go on, but the Modus Operandi of HIV, in my view, is of Satan not God.

To maximise parties, firstly I would create a personal development programme, where you could explore any ideas on a database. This database would explore various ideas about the condition of life. In improving confidence and assertiveness, becoming independent and dealing with the past, you will facilitate better parties. Secondly creating communities where all who accept the broad principles of balance, agape and truth, could have a role in supporting each other. Given the opportunity to reach one’s potential individually, with the support, not tutelage of others, is life giving. Thirdly designing new protocols for sex and relationships, regarding it as a healthcare issue, where there is more sex and better sex for all. For everybody and no one gets left out. There will be charity sex, but the more people have, the better the experience becomes. Identifying problems and eliminating them as a whole community. Gay and straight working together, man and women working together.

You need less drugs, drink, comfort eating, love substitutes anything else. Put parties at the heart of society. Now, you may say I’m a dreamer; well I’m not the only one. But why oh why in this vast Universe that we have not even begun to explore, is there ever any reason, ever, ever, ever, ever to give up trying. Maybe I look stupid, desperate, crazy or sad, but who cares what other people think. Is their life of ease really anything to aspire to? Choose life, choose parties, choose community, choose people.

Maybe as a redhead the concept of surrender is alien to me. And maybe the idea of struggling to improve the human condition has gone out of fashion. Stuff fashion! Get on your dancing shoes, have two cans of lager, get with the crew. “One night in a disco, on the outskirts of Frisco, I was cruising with my favourite gang.” Forget about the money, the next crash is around the corner. Eat and sleep and let’s get it on!

Conway-Laird (2017)

Ed: The author had not slept much when he wrote this article!

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