Truth is being in accordance with fact or reality. It is also a belief or fact that is accepted as true. Scientists have been able to prove facts by the rational and statistical examination of the Universe. Randomised double blind testing is the only way in Medicine; it cannot be by qualitative assessment as this ultimately opinion. A group based on a belief such as a religion or philosophy chooses to accept something as true and base their lives on it. This is faith.

A person’s reality is always true, as long as they believe it, as no one can ever experience anyone else’s reality. So a belief structure is an important thing as it something you can set your life to and proceed in that manner, fact or not, you can choose to follow it as the basis of your life.

The trouble comes when people inter-act and truth becomes relative.  People have different belief structures, people fail to communicate or who do not share them congruently. In a world where politicians, media types and advertisers lie openly without remorse, what hope is there for communication between people as nobody is going to listen. To interpret these lies, people will use assumption, feelings or manipulation, to respond. If these are not tested against some sort of reality, then society has disintegrated into  a group where there are only individual units. Like grains of sand on the sea shore, they will be swept away by the tide.

People are social, society needs some core of truth scientific, philosophical or legal or whatever. What is absolute truth is irrelevant because you will never know, believe in something and apply those beliefs honestly and fairly. It will be tested like any scientific experiment. Without learning from the errors of judgement you have made, your assumptions and feelings will not become any more useful as they will never be judged against anything real other than your own reality.

If you believe in money and self and nothing else, you are only a piece in the machinery. If you want to be true to yourself and no one will accept you, you are on your own. If you want to break free of the machine and be yourself, you need allies who can share your truths or better still accept your truths and trust each other to make an agreement to work together for common benefit.

It’s not rocket science is it? Truth brings knowledge, knowledge is tested by wisdom, wisdom brings self, self brings confidence, confidence brings love, love brings life, life brings freedom, or whatever words you choose yourself. But the truth sets you free.

Conway-Laird (2017)


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