I have ranted on against the obsession with money and self in England in recent times. I have commented on the sorry state of affairs and would say from a historical point of view that the country may be in the worst place since the Black Death 700 years ago. The reason I say that is the problems are spiritual, emotional and sexual. They are clearly not as fatal as plague, pestilence, famine and war. But in my opinion the country is sliding into the abyss and disaster could come rapidly.

One of the greatest collective moral national events that ever took place was the opposition of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to the Nazi threat. The country, led by Churchill, said no. We had little chance of victory, but it was a moral decision. You could say we were proved right by the events, but that is irrelevant. It was the right decision whatever happened. It was a moment of self-sacrifice, and as a result we were impoverished and we sacrificed the empire and freed our loyal colonial cousins. We created the Commonwealth. Its existence is because of Queen Elizabeth II. Her self-sacrifice started in 1940 and has continued on a daily basis ever since. Never in history has anyone earned her retirement more than her Majesty. I hope she gets the opportunity.

Perhaps the trouble with this self-centred society is that it just cannot recognise the need for self-sacrifice. There are those who I have written about in Leaders who recognised the need and put it into practice. There are times when those of honour choose to make that sacrifice. It is a personal decision and cannot even be coerced. It happens when rules, conventions, relationships, consequences and even their own personal existence are laid down for the greater good. A parent or child may make the hard decision to put their loved one in danger. It is dangerous and could permanently damage that relationship, but sometimes it is necessary looking at the bigger picture. Politicians sacrifice people these days, but unfortunately, we tend to end up with numpties when we need Statesmen.

Those that fight for the greater good, know that there comes a time when you have to face it. It is a time when mere men find their true self and give their lives for a cause. The cause in England, I believe, is unity. We are facing the biggest crisis since 1940, it is not obvious like Hitler, it is subtle, and it is spread through lies and manipulations. It finds people’s weak spot and exploits them. It identifies its enemy and undermines it. It seeks power and not responsibility.

Whatever forces we are fighting, they are not seen. But for good to triumph over evil we need to recognise it, stand together and be prepared to defeat it. Self-sacrifice is the only way.

In this digital world, the collapse of our society could be milliseconds away. If we don’t act, the moral stand of 1940 will be wasted. Selfish, we are nothing but pawns, stand together and we win. We win for a better place for us all. If together none of us our prepared to risk it all, then England will be no more than a wasteland. Spiritually, emotionally and sexually it already is.

Conway-Laird (2017)


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