Rich beyond your wildest needs

As the world globalises and socialism appears to have been outmanoeuvred and neutralised, neo-liberals can sit back and let the cash bubble up safe in the knowledge that government has guaranteed their financial failure. The obsession with profit and the selfish, rapacious desire to get more, has become less about paying your way and more about defeating your clients, your suppliers and your governments.

This uni-philosophy society judges you by one thing, the bottom line. It does not seem to matter that a boy who inherits his father’s stockbroking fortune can regard himself as better than the rest as he has so much money. So what, so his dad got lucky and the rest of us pay the price. There is no morality but lying and cheating in the empty, soulless, grey beyond grey City of London. Banking has been judged the unhappiest of career choices. Their existence sat in front of a screen making dollars without any social interaction, produces money in the bank. But what are they going to spend it on. Is there anything of value left in England?

People who know, say that money does not make you happy. I would say that emotional and spiritual things make you happy, but that’s just me. Others say as long as our basic needs are met, we can all be happy and a change in our personal circumstances up or down is only a temporary situation that we adjust to.

As a middle-class pragmatic-idealist Prosecco socialist, I was always an opponent of Margaret Thatcher. But the Unions needed taming and her ideas for a stakeholder economy with share-holding, house owning and small businesses seemed fair in retrospect. But by the end of the 1980’s it had all started to trickle up to the City of London. 19% interest rates on loans finished many a dream.

Now I have always been for free, market economics, but England it is not free, in my opinion, as there is government control that benefit their few important friends. The media is also biased heavily to the rich. There are effective monopolies not markets and economics is a thing of the past as corruption is rife. Without socialism, there is nothing to keep the government, the media and financial institutions honest. Just a wild eyed charge to the oblivion of maximum profit. After all in a dog eat dog world, all that is left in the end is a lot of dead dogs and one big at dog, and dogs are supposed to be social beings. Seriously, in the better off areas in England there is only money and self. So what. What good is it for someone to inherit the World and forfeit their soul? There are those that believe in Social Darwinism and say we should just compete.

But why fight each other when we can fight together. Hobbes said life is constant state of war. For those at the bottom it is a constant fight for survival. Capitalism is killing this planet and its killing life. There has to be another way to live, share, learn, love, laugh, sing, kiss and express our humanity. Because if we can’t do that we are just another bunch of animals soon to be replaced.

Conway-Laird (2016)


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