Church of England, the future not the past

The Church of England is a unique religious organisation, because it is a broad church and covers a multitude of sins. Sorry guys could not resist! But the difficulty for me is there is a distinct lack of unity. There appears to be a unified doctrine and the same ethical code for all priests and congregations. One of the problems is that the organisation covers a lot of different countries. I do not think it makes sense for the diocese of Chichester and the diocese of Lagos to operate under the same rules. I think it is vital that the different countries of the Anglican Church should split and rule themselves. They still can be linked in a Commonwealth type organisation, and lets it face it that has survived virtually intact.

I also don’t believe that the diocese of Oxford and Cambridge should be treated the same. Perhaps if there were established schools of thought within the Church of England. There could be a basic framework of doctrine with a separate code of ethics for that school.

Now, there are Charismatic Evangelicals, Conservative Evangelicals, Post Evangelicals, Liberals, Anglo-Catholics, Catholics and others. They are basically the same, but have a particular way of doing things. Why should they be forced to abide by others rules when their principles matters so much to them.

A church could vote for the different schools and the congregation could reorganise as needs must. Priests would work in that school, but if they changed their beliefs they would have the choice of preaching in the same style or changing their job. Academics would have the job of studying and enhancing the schools in line with the changes in society. Any of the usual disagreements would be solved by dividing into different schools. Therefore, the different factions would not have to be forced to worship together, but could easily coexist. Agreeing to disagree would end the un-endable arguments. Then they would be able to unify and work together within their communities.

There could be the possibility of including other denominations in this arrangement. Sharing of staff and resources would result from better organisation. The overall inclusion of denominations would be based on those that accepted the Trinity, as the usual definition of a Christian Church. The Catholics would of course qualify, but that would mean a split from Rome, but the Pope is a diamond geezer, in Cockney style, and may see a future in a Catholic Church divided by country as well, in a similar way.

How you would do it I have no idea. It could take millennia to agree on. But the Church is on life support and radical action is required now. The country is in a state of spiritual, moral, emotional, social and even sexual heart failure. This country is in desperate need of quadruple heart bypass surgery, metaphorically speaking. It is high risk. We need the best, by helping the church you can help England.

In no way, I am I saying that all England should repent be baptised and go to church. In fact, I do not believe that the Church should be responsible for anything but religion. It could influence other organisations indirectly. It would not be a moral leader, but a supportive and wise counsellor. Not only helping in basic Christian teaching, like bible study for example but helping people to incorporate it with other philosophies so they could apply it in real life situations.

Now you would need a steady hand at the tiller. Someone who was a long-term leader with the wellbeing of the whole country in the hearts. Someone who could oversee the operation of the Church and make sure it stuck to its principles. In fact, if they were committed to the country for life they would not even have to share their beliefs exactly. A church that served and had a wide spectrum of beliefs could be led by a select few especially if their influence is light and indirect, especially if they took a role as an administrator and referee rather than head of the church. They would have to be trained for life, probably a family business be wedded to England, its people and its future by their very blood. Their main attribute would be wisdom. They would not even have to have a Christian faith, but a peaceful and accepting nature like a Jew, Hindu or Buddhist could do the job.

For God, Charlie and St George.

Conway-Laird (2017)


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