A letter to America

Winston Churchill, as a child, believed his destiny was to save London, England and the British Empire. He was right, although he saved the British Empire from itself and the people gained their God given right to self-determination, in a mostly peaceful way. He knew from the start that to beat Nazism, required American entry into the fight. The courage, will to win, belief in what is right and industry was what the USA gave to the fight. He and Roosevelt believed that converting American industry to war production would take 2 years. The industrialists, like Henry Ford, sat in a room and agreed on who made what. There were no lawyers or accountants, they did not discuss price, they got it done in six months and worked out a fair price. As leader of the Free World this was your finest hour.

Perhaps as Americans, your greatest work was in writing the Constitution of the United States. Puritans from Massachusetts, Freemen from Rhode Island, Quakers from Pennsylvania, Catholics from Maryland and Anglicans from Virginia got to together to frame the greatest legal document, in my opinion, that has ever been written. It was discussed and debated, with the help of their wives. The basic notion was that rather than choose one form of Christianity over another, they would instil Enlightenment principles that allowed all to follow the tenets set out in The Declaration of Independence. It said that,” We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” They were also wise in asking a young lawyer, Thomas Jefferson, to write it himself and not by committee.

This was a far sighted belief, that Americans would allow people to live their lives according to their own beliefs and not impose theirs on others. Now this has been sorely tested over the last 250 years. In my view throughout History, America has often been a house divided. Colonists and Natives, Colonists and English, Slavers and Slaves, Confederates and Unionists, Americans and Immigrants, Black and White, Male and Female, Gay and Straight and Republican and Democrat have all vied for theirs rights and their position in Government. Now I have to say that there always winners and losers, and generally speaking Americans love winners. But your country is about all being created equal. Yes there are losers and to win you need to be ruthless. Churchill knew the Germans had to be crushed as it was their supremacist culture that caused the two biggest wars in world history. But he also knew that in victory there had to be mercy and magnanimity. Yes you may lose, but you must have the opportunity to learn from your mistakes and fight again. To live your Country’s ideals you need to work together and not be divided.

Now some say that people in the south are red-necked, racist, gun-toking, homophobic, plain spoken sons of bitches. Well your Constitution guarantees you the right to be just that. There are those who want to take away your 2nd amendment right to carry arms. Well at least they try to do it democratically; personally I don’t think it will ever work. But if it is not guns that kill people, but people that kill people, make sure you and yours know precisely when they should be used. So maybe you don’t like liberals, blacks, homosexuals, feminists or a whole bunch of other people. Well there is no reason why you have to. I don’t foresee a time when it will be compulsory to be any of those things.

Jesus does not compel people to like people; I know there were those he had some seriously harsh words for. But he does command you to love your neighbour and your neighbour is anyone who lives under your Constitution. Love takes different forms, maybe some hospitality or help for someone in need, perhaps a desire to tolerate different folks even if their church teaches them something different. Because as the Lord is my witness, that is precisely what your country is about.

Picture the scene. At the Superbowl, with 90 seconds left on the clock and the opposition is 1st and Goal for the go ahead score. A Falcon, Saint, Cowboy, Texan or Chief lineman has one thing on his mind and I think you know what I mean. There is a Patriot, Giant, Stealer, 49er or Raider who wants to run over you. You know your job, knock the snot out of whoever has the ball and do not give an inch. You succeed and you have a ring and there ain’t nobody that can take it away from you. Do you honestly think that at that moment Bob Lilley, Randy White or JJ Watt could give a rats-arse about the belief structure of his brother crouching next to him? They may be black, gay, democrat, vegetarian, Muslim and even hate guns. But who gives a shit. There is a job to do and you will be relying on your brother to get it done. When you fight in the trenches with someone, that person is your brother for life no matter what.

You can sit around getting bored, drinking beer and find petty differences to occupy you, but when the time comes to fight, we all find out our true self and what really matters. In 35 years of following the NFL in the UK, I have never come across any prejudice that was worth mentioning and the attitude, skill, strategy, commitment and example of football players is one thing that makes America great. As a Giant fan of 30 years, I don’t like Dallas. But am I going to get rid of them, Hell no. I like to beat them twice a year!

Today is the 28th of February 2017 and I am reading that press is being suppressed by the White House. They will only talk to their friends. This could be fake news, I don’t know. The Networks and the printed press are failing economically, and their power is transferring to Social Media which is not run by professional journalists, but by anybody who can say anything they like. Elections are becoming irrelevant, and the power of free speech is being eroded. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, once elections are controlled, the Constitution can be reduced. The 2nd amendment will go as it potentially threatens the Government. Financial regulations are being relaxed which may lead more to trouble ahead.

I would like to point out that your President has been bankrupted six times and apparently may not pay tax. Deregulation could lead to another catastrophic financial collapse. That’s what happened with the Wall Street Crash. Guess who pays, it’s not the rich who caused it. It is everybody else.

The USA is rapidly descending into a dangerous state. The beliefs of the Neo-Liberals seem to be for money and self. With money comes power, and power ends up being used to demonstrate superiority over those they have enslaved in their debt-ridden, godless, lifeless, machine-state. These things are planned by those at the top who rub shoulders. The media, big business, the politicians all work together and create a country that suits their selfish lust for power, money and the entertainment that they get at watching the rest of us struggle against a system that has been designed from within to never be defeated.

Seriously America whether I am right or wrong, you need to WAKE UP right now. You cannot wait for another Pearl Harbour to make up your mind. You have to unite NOW. Your Constitution guarantees the legal right to choose your lifestyle. Your diverse country with the richness of lifestyle, culture, race and religion is precisely what the framers were creating. You need to tolerate each other, even those that appear intolerant. Political Correctness is a censorship of language imposed on the world by Feminist Intellectuals. It is not political as there has been no debate and no-one has voted for it. To say it is correct is arrogant. The main target of PC is appears to be the real men who are now needed to defend everything your country holds dear in the event of a shooting war.

The real way to tackle prejudice is to work and fight together, express it and learn to accept each other’s differences. It is not necessarily about a West Coast dope smoking, surf boarding, computer nerding pansy arsed lifestyle, it is a about the practical needs people have in your community. You also need to have an education system that allows all Americans to think for themselves and make their own decisions and opinions rather than being spoon fed by tutors who can only make you their followers and no better. Leaders, managers, teachers and preachers need to allow people to discover how to think for themselves. That was the start of Protestantism and the true meaning of the Enlightenment philosophies. The only truth there is what you decide for yourself. There is no absolute proof, only faith in whatever you want to act on.

I recommend that the best Journalists you have in the country, from all shades of opinion that truly want a consensus and a country that is free for all, should come to together and form a News service on social Media. It must be dedicated to the truth and impartiality, the BBC in the UK used to be like that and would make a good model. To fight it you will need to be prepare to sacrifice, to put money aside, to support your fellow Americans in whatever they need, to be prepared to put your country and people first, not money and self. There needs to be a proper understanding of Social studies, particularly History, Philosophy and Theology. You need to meet together in Churches, Bars, Clubs, Nightclubs wherever, because the people don’t need social media they need each other.

The dark clouds gathering around the world have appeared before. The time it takes for that darkness to envelope the earth is significantly shorter this time. Financial collapse, nuclear war, anything signed by executive order can happen in an instant.

I urge you America to think about yourself and no-one else right now. If you pray to someone, or something, do it now. If you don’t I suggest you take a leap in faith. You have nothing left to lose.

Conway-Laird (2017)


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