This site has the intention of inspiring its readers to get more out of life, through personal development, self-actualisation, coming to terms with your self.

Clan Leaders

There are biographies of great leaders who through force of personality strove to make the world a better place in overcoming adversity with personal sacrifice.


There is comment on current affairs, politics, personal development, sex and relationships and lots more, through policy ideas and strategy.


There are those who achieved great things in life by education, perseverance and brilliance.

The Enlightened

There are those who through philosophy and religion saw better ways that people could live together and coexist.

The Muse

There are musicians and actors who have identified the condition of life and been creative.

Sports Personalities

There are those who rose above the everyday sporting treadmill and made a difference peoples lives.

This site aims to get the reader to think how they can improve their lives and get the most of their potential. To be inspired by the example of others and creative solutions. But to do it in a community context where people of different, beliefs, cultures and genders learn to accept each other as individuals and coexist.

Then have great parties!